E-Book Release: The Best Guide to Interpreting Scripture


Surprise! I’ve written a new E-book titled The Best Guide to Interpreting Scripture. Continue reading



The site formerly known as factbasedtruth.com is now truthbasedonfacts.wordpress.com. Thank you to all of my followers and readers. I hope you continue to enjoy my old writings. Peace in Christ.

How You Can Really Honor Christ’s Resurrection and Have More Blessings


Easter Sunday is the day people remember Christ’s resurrection from death. His blood became the cleanser for our sins. But what if Easter doesn’t really honor Christ’s resurrection? If it doesn’t, you might be missing out on God’s blessings. In appreciating Christ’s resurrection according to scripture, you can not only really honor God, you can have more blessings in life too. Continue reading

Why People Do Violent Things in Society


It’s been almost two weeks since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. As usual after these events, there’s non-stop news coverage, shock and sadness expressed by the victims, thoughts and prayers given, and then the inevitable debate on gun control. Should there be stricter gun laws or should there be more focus on mental illness? But I think there’s a missing element that doesn’t get discussed as much. It’s the element of “why people do violent things in society”. Continue reading