E-Book Release: The Best Guide to Interpreting Scripture


Surprise! I’ve written a new E-book titled The Best Guide to Interpreting Scripture.

I’ve been working on this scripture interpretation guide over the last month, and I believe the book will be helpful to all of you who choose to read it. I take you through my early beginnings of understanding scripture and teach you the reading skills that I’ve developed over time. These reading skills have led to all the thought-provoking and controversial posts that you’ve seen on this blog.

For those who don’t like long books you’re in luck. This is only about 30 pages long. I’ve made my teachings quick and easy to digest. I felt no need to put a price on what I’ve written just because I think it’s that important everyone know these things. You can feel free to share this book with your family, friends, social media circle, and church community. For anyone who feels a desire to give a kind donation for my work, you’re welcome to click the donate button below the link to my e-book. I thank you all for your support, and peace to you all in Christ.

The Best Guide to Interpreting Scripture

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