For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to create this page. But now I’m happy to finally be able to put this up and let you all know a little more about me. So to start, I’m a college graduate with a degree in Philosophy with Religious Emphasis. My family raised me in an Episcopalian church, and then later a Baptist church. In my teenage years, I followed a lot of teachings of televangelists that I came to discover were quite deceiving and misrepresentative of what the Scripture details. Having been disappointed in what I’d been taught to believe about faith on multiple occasions by the time I reached my adulthood, and realizing my disappointment came not from my faith but misinformation after seeking out the facts for myself; I want to help enlighten other people who’ve been disappointed too, or perhaps never really thought about their faith on a deeper level.

I know I have a lot to live up to titling my blog “Fact Based Truth”. With that said, I always welcome added facts that I may have missed that could give a more accurate understanding of things for all of us. I think we should always be open to changing our minds when facts point to an alternative conclusion. Also, I’m aware that I’m just as easily susceptible of having my own biases, so I can’t promise you that everything I post will always be completely unbiased and objectively fact driven in my writings and the assertions I make. But it is what I strive to do in these postings, in that I try to present reasoned conclusions based on all of the facts, and avoid picking and choosing verses of Scripture out of context to support a particular position as some are in the habit of doing. I strive to use that standard in my postings not just limited to discussing my religion, but also discussing news items of the day and prevalent social issues if a desire should arise in me to address something. I hope I can enlighten in these forms of discussion as much as I’m passionate about doing so in the religious forms of discussion.

To those who are current readers, and to the future readers that come along, I hope that you’ll enjoy the material I deliver to you, and that it’ll provoke you to thought and perhaps maybe even positive action. Peace to all those who are in Christ.


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